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Main Characters

Hel was born in Norway circa 900AD with no name, she was sold to a Viking at the age of 15 and due to her melancholic nature and habit of hiding half of her face, the viking decided to name her Hel after the Goddess of the Underworld. She’s rather quiet and would much rather bask in the company of plants and chickens than humans.

Annie | Vampire 

Annie was a regular Texan girl, the perfect “girl next door” kind. She was sweet, went to church every Sunday and volunteered where she could, Annie had simple dreams and wanted a simple life, she just wanted to travel and play guitar and sing songs in bars, church, you name it; just anywhere she could cheer folk up… But that dream came crumbling down when she was assaulted and murdered on the night of a small senior get together party in the woods. Now she’s mysteriously back as a vampire and in the care of Hel.

Belladonna | Vampire

Belladonna is an Italian vampire from the 14th century, she’s wealthy, powerful and beautiful. She’s believed to be the first of her kind since there is no evidence leading to an older vampire, she doesn’t consider herself a “Ferrywoman” but she makes hefty donations to the organization and has set up schools for more ‘supernatural’ beings seeking to control themselves as well as get an education.
Even though Belladonna is far younger than Hel she actually sees Hel as a daughter and will always come to her aid.

Muirne | Witch

Muirne is a rather joyful, kind and some times smug but for playful reasons kind of witch, she’s very relaxed and down to earth. You wouldn’t have expected her to be the one who had a difficult upbringing as a child but yet she did. Muirne’s very friendly and through her rather pushy and stubborn nature she befriended Hel.

Phyrra | Half-Elf

Phyrra is a Half-Elf nun who has been reluctantly travelling with Hel since the Medieval ages.  She’s quiet, respectful depending on the individual but very accepting of everyone she comes across. She doesn’t see eye to eye with Hel all the time but they understand each other and their goals.
She still serves God and often goes to a House of Worship whenever she can. 

Supporting Characters:

Evina Blacach | Witch

Evina Blacach ( a.k.a Evina Black) is a Scottish Witch from circa 1000AD, she encountered Hel while pursuing Muirne for stealing something precious from the Coven. After Evina learned she shared a similar goal to Hel she agrees to form an alliance with Hel.
She later on went to join the law to protect more of her own kind with the assistance of Belladonna.

Father James | Ferryman

Father James was born and raised in New Orleans. At a young age he witnessed a horrible tragedy and decided he would become a Ferryman while also serving God.



Minor Characters:

Daisy & Thomas Beaumont, Annie’s parents.