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First of all, thank you so much for reading Hel’s Ferrywomen! If you like the comic and you wish to support it then lemme tell you how you can help! 

To start off, just sharing the comic around/word of mouth is a great way to help! You can introduce it to your friends, family, maybe even pets if they can read and get them possibly hooked on it which brings it more people to share the story!

If you wanna do a little bit extra then following my social media will help too! You’ll get updates on Hel’s Ferrywomen, see wips and art and more.

Now if you wanna go the extra mile and help the comic financially then there is always patreon.
With patreon you can get some sweet perks such as work in progress of comic pages, early access to speed-paints, early access to complete comic pages ready to read and of course… some naughty stuff for my more… naughty patrons. >_>’


Thank you so much for those who are interested in Hel’s Ferrywomen, just a reminder that you reading the comic and sharing around is a HUGE help. <3